New Car

Well, the 14 year old finally had enough of a problem it is time for a new car. Transmission went out and it is $4,200 to fix a car worth $5,000. It will be nice to just write a check and not go through hours of being in the finance department cause now it guaranteed. I think wife will get the Lincoln MKC.

Good news and bad news all in one! Hope she enjoys the new car!

You just need to call your insurance company

and ask what the timely filing rule is for your particular policy. The medical provider must keep the billing in timely filing for payment consideration. If at any time they do not bill within the time frame or respond to any rebill issues timely, you are not responsible. Insurance companies all have different timely filing dates. Some are 90 days and some go out as far as 18 months.

“quack in a box” = my term for walk in clinics

I have NEVER received adequate care at a walk in clinics. They are either totally incompetent, even forgetting to listen to my heart till I am about to walk out the exam room or the do not listen to me when I tell them my past history and what has worked or not worked.

When I was in Denver in 2012 I told them I had had this illness almost every winter and told them what my doctor at home prescribed. The little PA then rattled of “well 95% of those with this are viral and antibiotics do not work.” End of story. (The flu had been going around terribly but I was negative for that, and I already knew it was not the flu.) So much for listening to your body and learning what work and doesn’t. My doctor at home gives me a steroid shot and celestone (sp?) and prescribes a Z pack and a codeine cough syrup for night time. The quack in the box prescribed an inhaler and a prescribed day time cough med. Can I say it DID NOT WORK?

This type treatment has happened every time I’ve been to one so I have vowed never to use one again.

This reminds me of how we were on a business trip in Denver back in 2016

I had to go to a quack in a box (walk in clinic) to get treatment for a sinus infection. It always goes into bronchitis if I don’t get treatment in time. Long story short … they have NEVER sent us a bill, never filed it with insurance either. We have Blue Cross and I never got an EOB. You would think they would want their money, either from me or BC. I know they had our correct address and made a copy of my ins. card. Oh well. Their loss.

Bill from nearly 2 yrs ago!

Hey ya’ll! So in the last 6 months we’ve been hit with a bunch of medical stuff for our China treasures…2 surgeries and an emergency do that to the budget….we’re on payment plans for them (YAY) but I was utterly shocked to receive a bill from almost 2 yrs ago for almost $400 from the eye specialist. Why on earth would it take this long to send a bill???? Ridiculous! Well, I’d like to pay them over the same amount of time it took them to send us the bill…they charge 1.8% per month interest…nice, huh?