“quack in a box” = my term for walk in clinics

I have NEVER received adequate care at a walk in clinics. They are either totally incompetent, even forgetting to listen to my heart till I am about to walk out the exam room or the do not listen to me when I tell them my past history and what has worked or not worked.

When I was in Denver in 2012 I told them I had had this illness almost every winter and told them what my doctor at home prescribed. The little PA then rattled of “well 95% of those with this are viral and antibiotics do not work.” End of story. (The flu had been going around terribly but I was negative for that, and I already knew it was not the flu.) So much for listening to your body and learning what work and doesn’t. My doctor at home gives me a steroid shot and celestone (sp?) and prescribes a Z pack and a codeine cough syrup for night time. The quack in the box prescribed an inhaler and a prescribed day time cough med. Can I say it DID NOT WORK?

This type treatment has happened every time I’ve been to one so I have vowed never to use one again.